ChiliBlaze 2020 is Canceled

I have to regretfully inform everyone that the 2020 ChiliBlaze is canceled due to the spread of Covid-19 and the announced State of Emergency. The City of Pinellas Park has canceled many upcoming events including ChiliBlaze and Country In The Park. This event means A LOT to us. However, we are here to serve and protect our community and the health and safety of our community is our #1 priority especially during these times. 

I give you my word, as the MDA Coordinator with the Pinellas Park Firefighter Association L-2193, We will do everything we can to bring the BIGGEST/BADDEST CHILIBLAZE in 2021. Please know that your support is so much appreciated and we can not wait for March 2021 already. 


Thank you, stay safe & healthy!

Cj Huffman

Pinellas Park Firefighters L-2193 


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